The name "Cookie" is derived from the Dutch word "Koekje or Koekie" and it refers to a piece of small cake. One can make Cookies very easily and quickly, provided the right ingredients, right recipe and right methodology is adopted. Cookies are normally a combination of all-purpose flour, baking powder (soda), unsalted butter, granulated and/or brown sugar and flavourings. Cookies can be made in different sizes, shapes, flavors and textures. We offer various flavors of cookies that we make to please you.
At Baker Street, baking is our passion and have an extensive product list that we are always expanding and developing. We indulge your cravings for the little-baked treats you love, without allowing sugar to wreck havoc in your system. Moreover, unlike other sugar-free brands, we actually put flavor first and pride ourselves on being a top zero transfat cookies manufacturer and sugarless cookies manufacturer in India. Our bakers are known to approach every recipe and batch of cookies with taste in their mind. We introduced our sugar-free range of delights into the marketplace after witnessing an increasing demand for tasty treats within the country and abroad. We are known to produce a range of scrumptious sugarless and zero transfat cookies and are well renowned for our flexible and professional approach towards baking. Today, we have grown to become one of the largest premier zero transfat cookies manufacturer and sugarless cookies manufacturer in India. We make use of only the finest ingredients we can source so that you get the best tasting cookie every single time. We have plenty of lip-smacking biscuits and cookies, packed with energy-filled ingredients that fit the bill for individuals looking for a sugarless treat. Additionally, all our sugar-free products are allergy friendly and suitable for people with special dietary requirements.