Baker Street

Baker Street takes pride in serving bakery products that offer "Health & Happiness in Every Bite". Our products are made from recipes that use the finest quality flours, the world's best margarines and finest butter. The taste & Quality of our products will make you crave for more. Go ahead & share with everyone.

If you're searching for an artisan company known for producing handcrafted and delicious baked products, then you're at the right place. We are Baker Street; a bakery products manufacturer in Mumbai known for our high quality, premium looking and tasty range of baked good products. We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to meet and deliver professional standards not only in our hygienic and certified baking facilities but also in facilitating a world-class service out of our kitchen as well.

Our delectable range of products are all handmade with oodles of patience and skill made with only the top quality ingredients. At the heart of it, are our many favorite recipes included in our extensive bakery products list, along with our like-minded suppliers, our dedicated team and most importantly soulful, delicious and healthy baked products churned out on a daily basis. Furthermore, we are into cookies biscuits manufacturers in India and known to supply major and independent supermarket chains and food distribution companies throughout the country. Our rich history coupled with our attention to quality and consistency guarantees whenever you bite into any of our products, you will not be left disappointed.

At Baker Street, we are constantly building and maintaining a quality range of products and are extremely passionate about our unique products. Our dedication to customer service means we are here to serve and support you every step of the way and you will find unparalleled levels of commitment to quality in all we do. Additionally, we acknowledge the importance of maintaining optimum temperatures in all our products. We realize fresh is fresh while frozen is frozen from the moment we receive goods to the moment we deliver them to you. Our special recipes have been meticulously developed over the years and have been passed down the generations. Today, we are widely recognized as one of the top suppliers to all biscuits companies in India. We are always innovating and developing new products with the sole intention of keeping our range of bakery products fresh and up to date for you.

With unmatched manufacturing and distribution facilities, we bring together the knowledge, commitment, dedication, and innovation our customers deserve. Further, we can tailor-make the appearance, taste, size, and packaging not only to suit your precise preferences while also keeping the product unique, on-trend and of course great tasting. We are also known as one of the top Khari exporters from India and have distributors all across the globe meaning you can savor our delights as and when you need them, no matter where you are located.