Sep 27 2017

For the love of baked goods

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no day is complete without one having their heart broken by half their cookie drowning in their morning tea and why would it be? Man’s obsession with the crumbling piles of sugary goodness has continued to grow since the first time someone bit into one and went, “Ah, I want a lifetime’s supply of these.”

Bakeries and the ever-growing market

There is hardly anything sweeter in this world than the subtle taste of freshly made bread on your tongue and there is nothing more addictive than a pile of sugar-dusted,chocolate-crusted cookies to go with your mocha and a rainstorm. Indeed, it seems that the sugar rushes intrigue us enough that we are willing to spend all our money to have our cake and eat some of others’ too. Which is why almost every street in each Indian city has at least one bakery products manufacturer and we could not be happier about it.

Consider the streets of Mumbai for example. The city itself is sensual enough to overwhelm. The air smells of salt, waves, rain, and tastes of cookie dough. Bakery products manufacturers in Mumbai continue to take over the street, competing against each other and vying for our attention with their assortment of specialty baked goodies that come in different shapes sizes and colors. Some cookies melt in your tongue while others leave an aftertaste of mint. Every bakery products manufacturer is ever on their toes, experimenting, creating and making sure that they grab our attention and hold it. That is not an easy job.

Health comes first

While so many delightful delicacies and their creators crave our attention, it has become increasingly hard to resist the temptation to stuff our mouths full of every shade and flavor of cookie and dough. We already know that that cannot be healthy. But, what if it is? Since the bakery products manufacturers were losing a large portion of the crowd to diet charts and health mantras, they went one step ahead and created goodies made of whole wheat and other healthy things. Suddenly cookies were not bad for our diet. They actually started helping us with it. Indeed, it would be immensely helpful if we could put down the oily plate of noodles from the roadside vendor and pick up a packet of amazingly delicious cookies. Whoever claimed that healthy food couldn’t be tasty had obviously never been introduced to these cookies.

Bakery products manufacturers in Mumbai and other major cities are all working on this idea of healthier baked goodies and, of course, we couldn’t be happier about it. India is the second largest manufacturer of cookies, after the US, in the world, so this is actually huge progress. After all, who wouldn’t love to continue gobbling up mountains of baked goods but this time, minus the guilt?

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