Dec 24 2016

Make Your Occasion A Day to Remember With Baker Street

Preparing cakes and pastries have a long history and Baker Street is trying to bring this tradition to reality with its fresh products. In early times, baked treats were made from flour and sugar or honey with eggs, milk or fat often added to enhance the taste. But over time, bakery industry has flourished immensely and there has been a variety of mouth- watering items.

With Baker Street, you can find a List of Bakery Products that are made without artificial color, added preservatives and they are 100% vegetarian. So you don’t have to worry anymore. These products are appreciated not just in India but all around the world. The authenticity of taste is thoroughly maintained by them and the packaging also ensures that its freshness is intact. Their commitment to quality makes them stand out from other competitors.

Have you ever thought that cakes and baking cookies could be good for your health? We are living in a world where we battle with obesity, and statistically speaking there are more obese people than slim. But you don’t have to worry anymore, with Baker street products you will have a combination of health and sweets that will give you everything you ever wanted.  We take extra care to make our products healthy and fresh.

With a range of salty as well as sweet products, we try to cater demands of all sections of people. We are one of the largest Cookies manufacturers in India with distribution to almost 6,000 outlets in 14 states and 39 cities. We are also a big player in Khari exporters from India and we have received appreciation from abroad. The feedbacks from people around India are the clear evidence of the high quality products that we produce and sell in the market.

We use traditional recipes for Healthy Biscuits in India which is our biggest specialty that makes us proud. These biscuits are good for people of all ages. We also have them in many flavors ranging from sweet to salty. There are also some recipes that include Indian spices like cumin and other herbs.

The products of Baker Street are available in more than 20 countries, and it is expanding at a commendable speed. The amazing cookies and other bakery products are just so perfect that its increased demand is only an obvious response. Therefore, you must not wait further to try these delicious baker street products.

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