Nov 18 2016

Know about the different types of cookies

Cookies are the easiest things to make and are the most initial thing that beginning bakers make. The variations of cookies are however limited to six with each one taking different and having a separate way to making. Along with these six types, another special type is there that is manufactured by a handful of Cookies manufacturers in India. All the seven types can easily be prepared at home if you have the proper ingredients and you know the exact method. Read on to know more about the making procedure of each one.

Molded cookies

To make molded cookies, you need to roll the dough in your hand and form small balls. Just like, you do while preparing peanut butter cookies, molded cookies too can be pressed with a fork. Make sure to dust your utensils as well as your finger with flour so that the dough doesn’t get stuck.

Dropped cookies

This is one of the easiest types of cookies to make. Initially, what you need to do is drop one teaspoon of cookie dough onto a cookie sheet. Make sure to leave at least a couple of inches space between the cookies for spreading well. If you want to make uniform size cookies using a cookie scoop is the best idea.

Rolled cookies

You need to prepare stiff dough if you plan to prepare cut out cookies or rolled cookies. Once you make the dough, the next step is to roll it onto a flavored board and cut it either by using a knife or cookie cutter to get the perfect shape. You should use only a little portion of the dough at a time and make the dough tough add a small amount of flour to it. If you want your cookies to be chewy and soft, then keep the rolled dough thick and for crisper cookies make it thin.

Pressed cookies

Generally, a cookie press is used to prepare pressed cookies like spritz cookies. The dough must be soft enough so that it can hold the cookie press, but at the same time must be stiff enough so that it can hold a shape. If your cookie dough becomes too soft, you can keep it in the refrigerator for a while. If the dough is still stiff, try to add an egg yolk to the mixture and try it again.

Bar cookies

Bar cookies are more like cakes and are softer than many other types of brownies. They can be either crispy or chewy, can be layered or filled. The best example of the bar cookie is a brownie. A pan with sides is used to bake this type of cookies. Make sure to use the proper sized pan so that the bar cookie turns out to be perfect. Cut them into the square after baking and make sure to get them cooled first.

Apart from these five types another exclusive type of cookie prepared by most Cookies Biscuits Manufacturers in India is refrigerator cookies. You need to roll the dough into a thick bar before you set out to make refrigerator cookies. Then you need to refrigerate it, at least for one week until you are ready to bake.

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