Sep 27 2017

For the love of baked goods

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no day is complete without one having their heart broken by half their cookie drowning in their morning tea and why would it be? Man’s obsession with the crumbling piles of sugary goodness has continued to grow since the first time someone bit into one and went, “Ah, I want a lifetime’s supply of these.”

Bakeries and the ever-growing market

There is hardly anything sweeter in this world than the subtle taste of freshly made bread on your tongue and there is nothing more addictive than a pile of sugar-dusted,chocolate-crusted cookies to go with your mocha and a rainstorm. Indeed, it seems that the sugar rushes intrigue us enough that we are willing to spend all our money to have our cake and eat some of others’ too. Which is why almost every street in each Indian city has at least one bakery products manufacturer and we could not be happier about it.

Consider the streets of Mumbai for example. The city itself is sensual enough to overwhelm. The air smells of salt, waves, rain, and tastes of cookie dough. Bakery products manufacturers in Mumbai continue to take over the street, competing against each other and vying for our attention with their assortment of specialty baked goodies that come in different shapes sizes and colors. Some cookies melt in your tongue while others leave an aftertaste of mint. Every bakery products manufacturer is ever on their toes, experimenting, creating and making sure that they grab our attention and hold it. That is not an easy job.

Health comes first

While so many delightful delicacies and their creators crave our attention, it has become increasingly hard to resist the temptation to stuff our mouths full of every shade and flavor of cookie and dough. We already know that that cannot be healthy. But, what if it is? Since the bakery products manufacturers were losing a large portion of the crowd to diet charts and health mantras, they went one step ahead and created goodies made of whole wheat and other healthy things. Suddenly cookies were not bad for our diet. They actually started helping us with it. Indeed, it would be immensely helpful if we could put down the oily plate of noodles from the roadside vendor and pick up a packet of amazingly delicious cookies. Whoever claimed that healthy food couldn’t be tasty had obviously never been introduced to these cookies.

Bakery products manufacturers in Mumbai and other major cities are all working on this idea of healthier baked goodies and, of course, we couldn’t be happier about it. India is the second largest manufacturer of cookies, after the US, in the world, so this is actually huge progress. After all, who wouldn’t love to continue gobbling up mountains of baked goods but this time, minus the guilt?

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Sep 27 2017

Sugarless Cookies – Best for Health Conscious People

Nowadays, we all are health conscious where we take care of our health and shape of the body. Everyone is taking care of their health by taking strict diet and going to the gym. Strict diet sometimes becomes too boring and we crave to have some cookies or something which we like the most. In this, if we get sugarless cookies to eat, we feel like we are in heaven as our taste buds along with our craving get satisfied. There are multifarious companies that provide the variety of bakery products manufactures in India.

Sugarless cookies come up with various health benefits which are as follows:-

1. Risk of Illness and Disease lows

Due to consumption of sugar, the immune system gets affected as it hampers in the growth of hormones that leads to increasing the level of insulin. Instead of fighting with the bacteria, sugar utilizes the white blood cells to clean the waste products available in the body. By consuming much of sugar, one can suffer from depression, indigestion, and diabetes.

2. Controls the cravings and hunger

In order to metabolize sugar, our body uses various nutrients like Vitamin B, chromium, and potassium. Due to rapid consumption of sugar, we can deplete our nutrient stores. The nutrient stores are helpful in dealing with the inflammation. Eating balanced sugar helps in balancing the sugar level and also helps in controlling the craving and hunger that one gets while following the diet.

Improvement in the appearance

 The minerals and vitamins help you to feel as well as look great but sugar has the ability to rob you from your looks. Gyration which is available in sugar gets attached to the protein and results in advanced Gyration end products. This results in the dull and saggy skin as well as wrinkles. The more you consume sugar the sooner you start looking aged.

4. Managing and Maintaining weight

Consuming less sugar helps in maintaining and even in losing weight. It is believed that fat is the biggest enemy in the diet. We all know that our body needs good fat such as fatty acids by Omega 3 which helps in improving circulation and also work against inflammation. Excess consumption of sugar results in body fat, so more consumption of sugar leads to more accumulation of fat in the body.

There are various companies that deal with sugarless cookies manufacturer in India. Sugarless cookies are nowadays in high demand and are one of the most manufactured bakery products. In this competitive world, it becomes important for any company to manufacture different bakery products. So if you are health conscious and you follow strict diet along with your gym and also you crave to eat some cookies to satisfy your taste buds then just grab sugar-free cookies and have it.

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Aug 31 2017

Why Providing Bakery Products Looks Easy but Actually Isn’t

With the variety of bakery products manufacturers in Mumbai, it’s not surprising why people think that providing bakery products to consumers on a regular basis is a piece of cake. But oh! If only you knew the truth of it all. Setting up and operating a bakery is no mean feat, here’s why.

The Production of Fresh Products

Creating the best tasting bread, biscuits and cookies all depend on fresh ingredients. The question of using stale components does not arise. This is because people are quick to notice such things and so may result in a dip in popularity. To keep the standard of the bakery products flying high no matter what, you need to keep a constant check to ensure that only the best and freshest of ingredients are used for making cakes, pastries, bread, and cookies.

Keeping Creativity Alive

Letting out those creative juices and inventing new recipe ideas is essential to keep consumers coming for more. Cookies, bread, and biscuits when presented in an interesting fashion and when prepped up with unique touches, really pick your interest. It is much better than looking at the same items on the menu, day in and day out.

The Use of All Natural and High-Quality Products

For your bakery to become a rage in the market, you need to produce high-quality products that are made from natural ingredients. You also need to use the right equipment and tools so as to make sure you touch your daily production amount. It is only through the use of natural and high-quality ingredients, bakeries get their fair share of recognition and glory.

Excellent Service Delivery

To get popular in the baking market, it is as important to offer prompt delivery as much as it is vital to offer delicious, lip-smacking taste. Excellent service forces customers to purchase their bakery products from your outlet. After all, nothing really beats the flavors of amazing pastries, biscuits, cookies, and cakes when combined with great customer service.

Choosing the Perfect Location to Start Up

Setting up shop in the liveliest and most happening places in town certainly, works to your advantage. It means getting access to many more people and so many more orders. For instance, many bakery product manufacturers set up their base in Mumbai. This city is crowded as ever and people prefer to order ready-made bakery products rather than preparing their own Tiffin.

So you see, being a bakery products manufacturer is not easy. You need to cater to people’s sweet tooth and even live up to the side dishes that impeccably blend in with your main course or dinner. Bakerstreet has all of these aspects and more, working to its advantage to ensure people get the right cookie for the right occasion. But do you really need an occasion to eat a delicious cookie?

With Bakerstreet, you can rest assured that all the items manufactured are free of all kinds of artificial colors and added preservatives. The authentic flavors and spectacular tastes are never compromised with while it ensures that your health, as well as taste, is not compromised with.

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Aug 31 2017

Why Should You Go Ahead and Eat That Cookie Anyway?

Since time immemorial, well okay, at least since people’s growing fondness for cookies reached epic heights, it was said that cookies are not really the best when it comes to losing weight. You were warned about its ill effects on your body although it had the ability to leave you in ecstasy and sheer happiness. But what if we told you that gorging on a cookie a day is actually good for you?

Cookies for Breakfast Anyone?

Who says there are a time and place for everything and cookies for breakfast certainly doesn’t fit the bill? There are special cookies that are tailor made for breakfast. It so kicks starts your diet on a healthy note.

Yes, picking up the right cookies from the store can have many benefits.

  • Cookies that come with low sugar and are packed with nutrients and healthy ingredients are a blessing in disguise.
  • Fiber-rich oat and heart-healthy nut cookies actually help to reduce weight.
  • Cookies rich in fiber digest seamlessly and so are not stored in your body as fats.
  • Whole grain cookies are replete with fiber and antioxidants. They come with reduced calories and low fat.
  • Eating these cookies can even help in tackling autoimmune health conditions, heart disorders, and diabetes.

The Type of Breakfast Cookies You Can Munch On

The great thing about cookies, particularly the wholesome and healthy ones, is that various healthy ingredients can be mixed and matched together to produce a fit meal. Some of the breakfast-worthy cookies include:

  • Chewy Oat, Almond, and Banana Cookies
  • Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookies
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Coconut Banana Cookies

You can also try cookies that come in various shapes and forms.

  • Rolled cookies
  • Pressed cookies
  • Molded cookies
  • Bar cookies
  • Dropped cookies

This helps to add variety and breaks the monotony of your daily breakfast routine. There are a variety of healthy biscuits in India and Bakerstreet offers you an assortment of healthy biscuits and cookies that are among the best.

It’s a Win-Win Situation Throughout

Go ahead and eat that cookie. Well, at least some of it, after all, you live only once. So eat that delicious cookie and savor it to your heart’s content. A cookie can be a scrumptious start to your day so make the most of it, after all, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, a good, wholesome meal as well as get lost in the delicious taste of it all.

Bakerstreet is one of the leading biscuit manufacturers in India that never compromises on quality, happiness as well as health. So yeah, although bringing on average cookies along with other junk snacks prove to leave you feeling lazy, sluggish, unfocused and even depressed, eating wholesome cookies in moderation are sure to leave you with results that boast of the complete opposite. And while one cookie certainly won’t really rupture your well-planned diet, the question is can you stop at just one?

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Feb 23 2017

Baker Street: The ultimate destination for bakery products

Baker Street is one of the leading manufacturers of bakery products.  They follow their tagline which says Health and Happiness in Every Bite, word by word. This dream project by Vishal Vira and Nirmal Gogri were sponsored by M/s Sarjena Foods. This is also a sphere to India’s first preset plant for Khari which is also FSSAI registered. All their products are made from unique recipes and the ingredients that they use are the finest. They use the finest quality flours, best margarine, and supreme butter. The taste, the quality and the look of each of their product would make anyone crave for it more and more.

Bakery products-1

The fame of the company has spread worldwide as they provide the best quality of products. The customers are immensely satisfied with their service. They are also exporting their products to numerous countries and their products have received wide acclamation on the foreign lands too.  They are one of the leading Bakery products exporters in India and are precisely exporting their products in twenty different countries. USA, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Mozambique, Ghana, Malaysia, Canada, Philippines, Mauritius, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Ireland are the countries where they export their products. Not just exporting they are also expanding along with PAN Indian distribution with about six thousand retail outlets in thirty-nine cities in fourteen different states. They also have a thirty-four different product modification in seven verticals.

They are leading Bakery products manufacturers in Mumbai. They are presently the domestic channel of several retail outlets like Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, Hypercity, Spencer, MORE, TESCO, Apna Bazaar, Sahakari Bhandar, Haiko, Max Hyper, Magnet, Food Right and many more of the kind. Moreover, Japan’s most valuable retail chain Kobe Bussan has approved the quality of their products on their first visit. To add on to their credit, they with an enormous score of 91% passed the honored Wal-Mart Quality Audit. They can obviously be crowned the best after all of these achievements although they are very new in their project.

Along with export, they also provide packaging and designing of the products. As in export,  the packaging  plays a vital role as goods can be perished if they are poorly packed. They have a team of expert packers who put tremendous efforts to maintain the quality of their products. They treat their customers as their primary importance hence they make sure their products do not earn any negative feedback. Their main focus lies in the quality of the product so that their consumers are satisfied after the consumption.

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Dec 24 2016

Make Your Occasion A Day to Remember With Baker Street

Preparing cakes and pastries have a long history and Baker Street is trying to bring this tradition to reality with its fresh products. In early times, baked treats were made from flour and sugar or honey with eggs, milk or fat often added to enhance the taste. But over time, bakery industry has flourished immensely and there has been a variety of mouth- watering items.

With Baker Street, you can find a List of Bakery Products that are made without artificial color, added preservatives and they are 100% vegetarian. So you don’t have to worry anymore. These products are appreciated not just in India but all around the world. The authenticity of taste is thoroughly maintained by them and the packaging also ensures that its freshness is intact. Their commitment to quality makes them stand out from other competitors.

Have you ever thought that cakes and baking cookies could be good for your health? We are living in a world where we battle with obesity, and statistically speaking there are more obese people than slim. But you don’t have to worry anymore, with Baker street products you will have a combination of health and sweets that will give you everything you ever wanted.  We take extra care to make our products healthy and fresh.

With a range of salty as well as sweet products, we try to cater demands of all sections of people. We are one of the largest Cookies manufacturers in India with distribution to almost 6,000 outlets in 14 states and 39 cities. We are also a big player in Khari exporters from India and we have received appreciation from abroad. The feedbacks from people around India are the clear evidence of the high quality products that we produce and sell in the market.

We use traditional recipes for Healthy Biscuits in India which is our biggest specialty that makes us proud. These biscuits are good for people of all ages. We also have them in many flavors ranging from sweet to salty. There are also some recipes that include Indian spices like cumin and other herbs.

The products of Baker Street are available in more than 20 countries, and it is expanding at a commendable speed. The amazing cookies and other bakery products are just so perfect that its increased demand is only an obvious response. Therefore, you must not wait further to try these delicious baker street products.

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Nov 18 2016

Know about the different types of cookies

Cookies are the easiest things to make and are the most initial thing that beginning bakers make. The variations of cookies are however limited to six with each one taking different and having a separate way to making. Along with these six types, another special type is there that is manufactured by a handful of Cookies manufacturers in India. All the seven types can easily be prepared at home if you have the proper ingredients and you know the exact method. Read on to know more about the making procedure of each one.

Molded cookies

To make molded cookies, you need to roll the dough in your hand and form small balls. Just like, you do while preparing peanut butter cookies, molded cookies too can be pressed with a fork. Make sure to dust your utensils as well as your finger with flour so that the dough doesn’t get stuck.

Dropped cookies

This is one of the easiest types of cookies to make. Initially, what you need to do is drop one teaspoon of cookie dough onto a cookie sheet. Make sure to leave at least a couple of inches space between the cookies for spreading well. If you want to make uniform size cookies using a cookie scoop is the best idea.

Rolled cookies

You need to prepare stiff dough if you plan to prepare cut out cookies or rolled cookies. Once you make the dough, the next step is to roll it onto a flavored board and cut it either by using a knife or cookie cutter to get the perfect shape. You should use only a little portion of the dough at a time and make the dough tough add a small amount of flour to it. If you want your cookies to be chewy and soft, then keep the rolled dough thick and for crisper cookies make it thin.

Pressed cookies

Generally, a cookie press is used to prepare pressed cookies like spritz cookies. The dough must be soft enough so that it can hold the cookie press, but at the same time must be stiff enough so that it can hold a shape. If your cookie dough becomes too soft, you can keep it in the refrigerator for a while. If the dough is still stiff, try to add an egg yolk to the mixture and try it again.

Bar cookies

Bar cookies are more like cakes and are softer than many other types of brownies. They can be either crispy or chewy, can be layered or filled. The best example of the bar cookie is a brownie. A pan with sides is used to bake this type of cookies. Make sure to use the proper sized pan so that the bar cookie turns out to be perfect. Cut them into the square after baking and make sure to get them cooled first.

Apart from these five types another exclusive type of cookie prepared by most Cookies Biscuits Manufacturers in India is refrigerator cookies. You need to roll the dough into a thick bar before you set out to make refrigerator cookies. Then you need to refrigerate it, at least for one week until you are ready to bake.

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May 23 2016

Are You Fond Of Bakery Products? Know The Reason Behind The Craziness Of Bakery Products!

Bakery products are liked all around the world for its exclusive delicious taste and attractive forms with colors. In India, several bakery products have gained wide popularity and have become the best substitute of the traditional breakfast. Bakery industry in India is considered to be the largest and leading in the food industry.

After the USA, India is the second largest manufacturer of the bakery products. The growing urbanization resulted in increasing the demand of ready to eat products which hiked the growth of numerous of bakery units. As the bakery products are reasonably priced most of the bakery products secure a place in every Indian kitchen.


The Bakery Manufacturers Concentrate on the Quality and Demands of Customers!

The Bakery Products Manufacturer group is aware of the growing popularity of the several of bakery products. The bakery products like biscuits, cakes, bread, pastries, crackers and many other products have gone popular in the Indian market.

People don’t get time for preparing the traditional breakfast thus these are like by every person without any age limit. For its good taste and easy to digest factor it has gone a good source of snacks. If you are a fond of the bakery items then you must be aware that bread is the essence of all bakery products.

Some Facts You Must Know About The Bakery Product Manufacturing!

  • Bread are prepared by baking dough of flour and water which reflects that the most of the bakery products are made from wheat.
  • The manufacturers of several of bakery products pick the high quality of flours.
  • The preparation of the bakery products is done in a well-secured unit following the FDA guidelines.
  • The bakery products are well packed and preserved as they must last for longer time.
  • Using certain preservatives and chemicals that are edible and passed according to the FDA guidelines the bakery products are preserved.

The Wide Encompassing Bakery Products, How To Choose The Best!

  • At any celebrating moment in the family, the bakery products are well appreciated.
  • The cakes, biscuits, and other bakery products are manufactured in different shapes and flavors.
  • The added flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, eggs and sugar are some of the imperative constituents of the bakery products.
  • The baking products include several wide ranging products that even vary according to the origin.
  • The specialty of the bakery products widely is for the originated place that makes it differabcdefent from others.
  • The manufacturers give maximum concern on the List of Bakery
    Products as per the market demands and appreciations.
  • Whenever you purchase any bakery product you must be confirmed to choose the best brand as local manufacturers are even widespread in the Indian market.
  • The quality of the branded products is much higher than the locally manufactured products.
  • The locally manufactured products are cheap in comparison to the branded but the branded are safe to consume.
  • Whatever bakery product you buy from the brands, you must ensure the date of manufacture and date of expiry.

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May 23 2016

What Defines The Success And Failure Of Bakery Products Manufacturer?

Baking is the finest art of blending ingredients together to produce several bakery products such as bread, biscuit, cakes, cupcakes, pies, tarts and much more delicious food items that people just love to eat. The bakery products manufacturer kept the place clean and maintained where they producing these delectable food items.

The very aroma and deliciousness of bakery products make the manufacturers stand out without having to put someone on the streets with a sign board telling them approach here to get finest quality baked goods. If the manufacturers are good at producing baking products, then people will find the ways to reach them.


Reasons for Failure:

Today, bakeries are everywhere, and it’s not a surprise anymore. Though there are many bakery products exporters in India available, but not all are successful in making their products go viral over the market. The prime reason behind this could be the quality of the products. Another reason could be that people don’t find them easily due to several reasons.

Moreover, they didn’t use the appropriate equipment either for speedy production without compromising on the quality of the products. The tools and equipment for manufacturing baking products should be of high-quality to get effective results. Without the right equipment, it is much difficult to bake certain things because of the sensitive nature of the ingredients or product. Also, manufacturing technique plays a big role in making the manufacturers witness success or failure.


What Makes The Manufacturer Go Popular?

  • The bakery products manufacturer receives popularity when they make the products manufactured with high quality.
  • Excellent service delivery is also a plus point for the manufacturers to get popular in the market.
  • Nowadays, they are making their baking business available online so that people can find easiness in ordering the required backing products with the hassle free ordering system.
  • The manufacturers of baking products make their website easy-to-use so that people can get the products in a convenient manner.

These are the key points which make the bakery products exporters in India prominent and help them in strengthening their relationship with customers. With these reasons, they get the necessary support for adding new and happy customers into their list every day.

Things to Do For Getting a Trusted Bakery Products Exporter:

  • The internet world has given people an easy way to find bakery products exporters in India.
  • Now, you can search them over search engines and get to know about their proficiency in manufacturing and export baking goods.
  • A good manufacturer and exporter will always try to give all the details about their products and services.
  • In the online market, you can get a list of their bakery products so that you can order the right product which you need easily.

So, if you are in need of some bakery products; get them straight from online or you can also get them from your nearest exporter.

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Mar 15 2016

What Is The Role Of Bakery Products And Bakers In Indian Food Industry?

Have you ever visited a bakery? Obviously, you may have because it is the place where we find delicious cakes, cookies, pastries, biscuits and many other products. Especially in India, bakery industry is the largest food industry having an annual turnover more than Rs 3000 that has been marked after 2003.

India has proudly declared as the 2nd largest producer of bakery products just down to the USA. Several bakery products have secured their places in the Indian kitchens. Especially the bread and biscuits form a major account in the manufacturing that exceeds over 80% of the total bakery that is manufactured in the country.

What Is The Reason Behind The Growing Demand For Baker Products?


This is obviously saved time and money as they were priced reasonably. With the growing demands, the bakery product manufacturers started spreading unevenly in various states of the country. The manufacturers mainly focused on Maharashtra and West Bengal as these states are densely populated.

Why Is Mumbai The City That Bakers Opt For?

There are numerous of Bakery products manufacturers in Mumbai that take this industry to higher levels of success. The local manufactures create a successful network for serving the end users. Mumbai city is indeed a crowded one where there is a spontaneous race between the moving persons in all manners.

Here the people don’t have time to make themselves any Tiffin so opt for the readymade bakery foods.  The Bakery products manufacturers in Mumbai those serve healthy and delicious bakery stuff do have the best demand.


The Top 10 Facts That Keenly Is Focused By the Top Leading Bakers for Customer Satisfaction

  1. There are many spectacular reasons for the products that have large demand stating from the design to the combinations.
  2. It is indeed a tough market with high competition, so the manufactures prefer to prepare the products with great recipes.
  3. These products that are liked by the consumers grow in demand and thus the manufacturer gains profit.
  4. Using the best quality of raw materials for the preparation of the bakery products the manufactures consoles the consumers to taste the best.
  5. The manufacturers give a deep focus on the quality of the product that insures good health with the healthy features of the product.
  6. The perfect recipe makes the product delicious.
  7. International recipes are even followed to give the best international taste in the Indian product.
  8. The international codes of the preservatives are used to confirm the quality.
  9. Be it Non-Veg or Veg product, all of the products are manufactured with customer’s priority.
  10. For customer satisfaction, another vital fact is the pricing factor that needs to be reasonable and comparably cheaper than the international manufacturers.

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